For those Amazon FBA retailers who have enjoyed a steady income by using Amazon as a platform to sell their goods for some time, taking the next step to build their Amazon brand could pose the question – where do I go next with Amazon?

Developing a marketing plan to cover the next 12 months of trading and build your Amazon brand is the first step to helping Amazon FBA online retailers to focus their resources.  Making monthly or quarterly goals and then executing them will ensure that in 12 months’ time the business has grown to another level and that sales have steadily increased.

So, how do you go about building your Amazon Brand?

According to a recent article by – ‘Tips on How to Take Your Amazon FBA to the Next Level’, they encourage the following:

Increase your product range – Now that you have a clearer understanding as to what your customers like, increasing your product range to sell goods which compliment your range and those that would appeal to your existing customers will help to build further.

Expand into new Markets – If you are already successfully selling to the UK & US then why not consider other countries where you could distribute too. According to recent retailers by – Germany and Japan are succeeding well as expanding markets to sell into

Optimise your existing Product Listing – Before diversifying to far into new territory, double check that you are maximising selling potential with your existing listings.  Look at titles, descriptions, images and pricing.  Check out the competition and assess as to how you could improve your listings over there’s.  Update the optimisation for all existing product listings to maximise their visibility and selling potential.

Take the Multi-Channel approach – Looking towards a Multi-Channel approach is the best opportunity that businesses can give themselves in terms of expanding visibility. In addition to Amazon Marketplace using other selling sites such as Ebay or OnBuy to sell through in addition to Amazon or using social media advertising to reach out to new markets will help to expand your customer base.

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