Digital App development is continually evolving and with up-and-coming AI technology, the digital world is ever growing. If you have an imaginative idea for a technology startup company and want to get going but don’t know where to begin, here are some pointers to set you off on the right track!

  1. Research your technology startup company idea

    Use the internet and existing apps to see if your idea has already come to market via another business. Even if it has, it is not to say that your concept won’t be better so do your research to see what is already available and how you could improve. Focus on the competition and analyse their digital product(s) to assess the positives and negatives of their service.

  2. Develop a technology product

    If you are developing an app or a technology service, it will take time and will most likely need regular updates / modifications to continually improve its quality to meet the requirements of future customers. Ask friends, family and work colleagues to test your digital product to ascertain where there are flaws and then develop further to improve on its performance.

  3. Showcase the technology product

    Once your technology product is designed you will need to bring it to market and be ready to showcase how it will benefit customers. Collate some marketing material through the use of a website, social media and digital handbooks to demonstrate how the product can be used.

  4. Ask for feedback

    Don’t just design and sell your technology product. By asking for feedback – good & bad, will improve on the performance of the digital product and help to build a positive brand for your technology startup company. Customers will be pleased that their comments have been taken on board and will recommend onto others if they know the company is pro-active in its continual development.

  5. Protect with Cyber Security

    All digital products need protecting with cyber security. Develop a strategy to protect your product and the data in which it maybe storing. Ask a cyber security specialist in digital technology / app development to help to protect the product.

  6. Obtaining technology insurance

    To find out more about protecting your technology startup company with digital technology insurance and startup business insurance please contact us at Crendon Insurance. We offer a confidential review of your company to assess where digital insurance is required to protect your business and your assets. We also include other aspects of commercial insurance cover such as cyber security insurance and intellectual property insurance.