A cargo insurance policy is raised to provide liability cover for the protection of the transportation of goods and produce across land and water. Cargo insurance companies such as Crendon Insurance Ltd are able to provide cargo insurance protection for many types of businesses throughout the supply chain, from manufacturers and distributors, through to customer facing retailers and independent delivery companies. Typically, all businesses who are looking to transport cargo and freight globally from country to country using methods of transport such as ship, boat or aircraft. Train, lorry or van.

Cargo Insurance Companies will protect businesses with insurance policies against all risks to cover its total value whilst the loading and handling of goods contained through shipping lines and logistics operators takes place.  This can also include warehouse and storage, packing, loading, shipping and fulfilment. The process can often be an expensive and uncertain time for business owners, when so many other variables and influences can take place throughout the process, which is often out of their hands. Subsequently, Cargo insurance will cover the physical loss or damage to goods which has been caused by external influences such as “Acts of God”, strikes, terrorism, civil situations or riots.

How Cargo Insurance Companies can help

Are you a business who transports goods over land, air or sea? Cargo insurance companies such as Crendon Insurance Ltd can help you to facilitate the process and ensure that you have the correct insurance cover in place to protect your goods and those who are handling them. With competitive rates and over 10 years’ experience within the insurance industry, we are specialists in importing and exporting, freight transportation, drop shipping and online retail insurance cover. To find out more or obtain a quotation, please contact our dedicated cargo insurance team today.

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