No company or inventor wants to learn that their patent has been the victim of IP infringement. Having worked tirelessly through research and development to produce an IP protected product, design or service and paid out thousands of pounds to protect through intellectual property.  So, what can you do should an IP infringement matter arise?

Steps to rectify IP infringement

The UK government offers clear guidance on protecting your IP should you find out that someone else has used your design without your permission or uses, sells, imports your patented product or process.

  1. Ask the illegal user to stop or come to an arrangement with them. Seek legal IP infringement advice if necessary.
  2. Use a mediator to resolve an IP infringement This can include disputes about: Trademarks, Copyright, Designs & Patents. The IPO offers its own mediation service, cost depends on how long the mediation session takes.
  3. Taking legal action – You can take legal action either via the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) or by using the courts. A court will expect you to have tried the mediation service prior to taking court action against IP infringement.
  4. You can contact the IPO to ask them to investigate if you feel that you IP certificate has been infringed. The cost to carry this out is £200.00. The service also offers general advice, IP infringement dispute advice and how to begin legal proceedings.
  5. You can contact the government organisation via – for further information.

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