Over the last 10 months, the success of UK IT companies has undergone a mixed response in respect of COVID. Whilst some have flourished because of the pandemic, sadly others have not survived. Notably due to the fact that what was important to customers and users pre-COVID, may not be anymore.

The way we work, the way we travel and the way we shop has completely changed and whilst there is still hope that in some methods for how we go about our days, we will revert back, other routines may have disappeared for the long term.  Subsequently, there are many factors now in play that could see the emergence of new business including those that use IOT and AI. At the heart of any existing and future developments lies the cemented 5G network.  Furthermore, COVID, Brexit and Environmental concerns are just three core factors which could underpin businesses development for the UK’s future.

How IOT data is progressing businesses

Pre-COVID the IOT industry had developed at a decent pace both in the domestic and commercial sectors. IOT products had not only influenced our daily lives but had also allowed captured IOT data to feed back to manufacturers which proved extremely valuable; giving them the opportunity to improve the quality and diversity of products and services for the future.

Throughout COVID businesses have had to diversify to find new methods of production. The introducing IOT into businesses has been monumental in keeping companies running and supporting production and IOT data give companies clear statistics as to how they are operating.

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