Researching into how to patent a digital invention can be a mind field. Start with the .GOV.UK website at: which offers inventors lots of advice on how to patent an invention.

Patenting is expensive, so it is important that your do your research first. Find out if your design has already been patented by accessing the local library or hiring a patent attorney. If you need to research further afield there is also the worldwide patent service available through –

Applications can be made by post or online. When you are making an application to protect a digital invention, it is best to break down the process so that you can submit as much details as possible.  This will enable the patent advisor or patent attorney to understand exactly what it is you are looking to patent.

Steps towards outlining a patent for your digital invention

  1. Start with the problem – Outline what the technical problem is and the impacting factors around it.
  2. Explain how your innovation aims to solve the problem – Include a full explanation for technical improvements, how they work and how they are better than similar / existing technologies which are already out there on the market.
  3. Set Out Legal Statements – Be clear on the technical features which you wish to be protected. These are known as ‘claims’.
  4. Include Drawings – You may need to include drawings and diagrams to illustrate the process as to how your digital invention operates.
  5. Obtain Intellectual Property Insurance – Crendon Insurance specialise in the technology sector and provide intellectual property insurance. Our team will conduct a confidential review of your company and your proposed patent. Our insurance provides cover throughout the patent process to ensure that your business stays protected throughout and should an infringement ever occur in the future.

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