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A contractor is often responsible for coordinating construction projects and managing the complete schedule; they arerecognised as a manager / tradesman, who is employed directly by the client to manage construction contract projects based on the advice given by him / herself or that of the architect or engineer.

The Responsibilites of a Contractor

The contractor role includes obtaining insurance liability contracts, overseeing the purchase of materials, implementing a labour force which may include specialist sub contractors and monitoring the use of equipment to carry out tasks in order to complete the project.

Contractors are often responsible for obtaining building permits and contractor liability insurance, site surveying, managing site utilities including construction waste, security site surveying, and overseeing the construction project cash flow for the contract.

Please see our construction page for more information on contractor / sub-contractural insurance or any other liability matters relating to the construction industry.

To find out more about UK Health & Safety Legistlation in the Construction Industry, please go the the HSE website – www.hse.gov.uk