With demands in manufacturing ever increasing, the necessity to provide good quality against high demand, whilst keeping security and safety central to production, is often a tricky juggle for company owners.

However, SMART cameras are offering some backend support in the supply chain system which could help to minimise error and pinpoint flawed products.

By equipping cameras with Internet of Things, the SMART cameras provide visual evidence and assess quality throughout the manufacturing process. Link this with Artificial Intelligence and then you have a quality control process which is so efficient, it is now recognised as being better than the human eye.

SMART camera possibilities are infinite

The possibilities which the SMART cameras can offer is infinite.  From overseeing quality control, to alerting employees further down the manufacturing line of bottle necks or product jams. In the packing department, cameras can detect open or faulty boxes and can assess which vehicles are ready for loading. They can flag create alerts if employees are not wearing correct safety uniform, or if machinery suddenly breaks and alert management teams immediately.

The benefits in accumulating the data which can be evaluated in real-time is extremely competent. To be able to review statistics and recognise where improvements need to be made, allows manufacturing companies to respond far quicker than seen before. Improving time efficiency whilst adhering to safety and producing good quality products creates lean manufacturing at its very best.

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