Exciting news to announce as Coventry as it recently receives a £15m investment for UK Aerospace to adopt Additive Manufacturing for Aerospace.

The Manufacturing Technology Centre known as MTC will lead DRAMA programme (Digital Reconfigurable Additive Manufacturing for Aerospace) which has been funded by Innovate UK and supported by the Aerospace Technology Institute.

The industry of Aerospace is evolving and in light of Brexit this could provide a great opportunity for the UK to become a leading manufacturer and exporter of Additive Manufacturing for Aerospace parts. As the Aerospace industry continually looks to new ways in evolving, especially in terms of light weight components which can be produced more quickly and offer higher performance, there are many benefits for UK businesses who currently supply this industry sector.

Dr Katy Milne who is leading the DRAMA programme at MTC says, “There are more than 4,000 companies involved in the aerospace industry in the UK and additive manufacturing offers the biggest opportunity since the introduction of composites.”

Partners Reinshaw based in Stone, Staffordshire and Midlands Aerospace Alliance, which is supported by UK aerospace groupings, ATS Applied Tech Systems, Autodesk, Granta Design, the National Physical Laboratory and the University of Birmingham are also involved in programme.

It is fantastic to see how so many businesses are getting involved with the programme which hopes to be a long-term investment into to our ‘once again’ thriving Midlands manufacturing industry.

Birmingham based business, Crendon Insurance Ltd is supporting additive manufacturing for aerospace

If your business is using additive manufacturing for aerospace or 3D printing within research and development or to manufacture parts as a regular supplier to industry and is looking for a bespoke insurance service to support your business, then please do not hesitate to contact our 3D printing insurance team. Our insurance covers many areas of additive manufacturing from intellectual property and patent protection, through too, mass production, storage and transportation.

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