Last month, the European parliament took on creative intellectual property and voted to amend the copyright laws in favour of music artists and creative filmmakers against the big tech giants such as google, YouTube and Facebook.  This will mean that by law, the social media and search engine sites will have to share more of their revenues and adhere to the artists royalties.  The amendments included versions of the copyright directive’s two most controversial provisions, articles 11 and 13.

The update to the copyright legislation was first proposed 2 years ago in an attempt to bring copyright law more in to line with the digital era.  For years, the likes of YouTube has used independent artist’s content, by paying them just a nominal fee, whilst generating great revenues for their own companies.  In doing so, artists have felt that their creative intellectual property has been exploited, whilst feeling neglected without much legal protection.  Claiming a so called “value-gap” between what the music is really worth and what YouTube actually pays to them as artists has often been debated.

Creative Intellectual Property under Brexit deal or no deal

This comes at a time when the UK government is ironing out plans for how our creative Intellectual Property rights will perform once we reach a Brexit deal or no deal decision in March 2019.  Currently ironing out this decision is imperative for UK business and especially those who hold EU trademarks. Defining how this will work in the UK’s favour is currently been outlined under Theresa May’s Chequer’s White Paper.  The UKIPO has confirmed that the UK will protect all existing EU trade-marks and registered Community designs when the country leaves the EU in a recent news report by patent, trade mark and design attorneys, Reddie & Grose, which is great news for those who have already have their designs registered.

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