Crypto and Bitcoin began 2021 on an all-time high. However, since an announcement from the US which is investigating into how it could regulate the currency, the investment value has taken a dive. Whilst this may only be temporary, what it does demonstrate, is that in the world of crypto and Bitcoin, the industry is still extremely volatile.

Over recent years crypto and Bitcoin has gathered momentous interest, especially within the age group of 19 – 39 whereby millennials have sought to engage and invest in a different type of currency following the 2009 financial crisis.

Crypto and Bitcoin promises to offer something new and exciting with a different way to pay for goods in the future. However, the issue which keeps holding it back from entering mainstream consumer is how it is regulated.

Under the new Biden government, the US are now seeking to change this, which could see the UK and Europe also following suit in regulating the country. Counter to this, India has announced a complete ban across their country on any crypto investments being owned or shared.

Crypto and Bitcoin – Invest Wisely

Whilst investors have made a lot of money out of crpto and bitcoin, the general consensus in terms of trading in crypto and Bitcoin, is to spread your assets wisely. The industry is volatile, but it could also be on the cusp of something far greater. The advice is whatever you invest, still be prepared to lose it at this stage.

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