Throughout 2021, cryptocurrency coins have continued to grow in popularity as investors and digital technology fans seek to track and financially invest in a variety of crypto assets.

Whilst for some time, there may have been reservations about the security of cryptocurrency coins, as we merge into an era following the pandemic, the adoption of cryptocurrency coins is predicted to grow phenomenally. A variety of sectors including automotive, retail and property are now investigating as to how crypto could be used to pay for goods. Further to this, cryptocurrency coins are becoming more recognised as a secondary means of payment in years to come. Finally, with more digital currency types regularly being launched, we look at the top 5 rated through Coinbase, to understand their individual priorities.

The current Top 5 cryptocurrency coins on Coinbase

  1. Bitcoin – The original first widely-adopted cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is currently valued at over £42K. Bitcoin is decentralized on the blockchain network and can be exchanged between any two people, anywhere in the world.
  2. Etherum – In second place on the Coinbase chart Ethereum is valued at £3.2k. Ethereum is decentralized and used to build a variety of digital applications including smart-based apps to build games, financial tools and trade information
  3. Tether – As an Ethereum based token, Tether is positioned in 3rd place on Coinbase and is proposed to value against the rate of a US dollar which is also known as a stable coin. Tether’s issuers claim that Tether is backed by US reserves and loans.
  4. Solana – Designed to compete against Ethereum, Solana runs as both a cryptocurrency and a flexible platform. It can process transactions much quicker than Ethereum with up to 50,000 transactions per second.
  5. Cardano – Based on the next generation of Ethereum, in fifth place, Cardano is intended to be sustainable, flexible, and scalable. Working as a platform to support smart contracts, apps, new crypto tokens, games and more.

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