June 2022 has been one of the most challenging months for cryptocurrency investment since the market began. With an extreme crash occurring earlier in the month, currencies like Bitcoin saw its profits more than halve which was extremely devastating for investors.

With a struggle to bounce back and only showing a little positivity in recovery, the bear market (a term used to describe prolonged price declines within the investment industry) is set to stay for some time.  Furthermore, brought on by the anticipation of a recession and coupled with US government intentions to regulate. Cryptocurrency investors anticipate that 2022 could be a very sombre year.

Cryptocurrency investment – What does the future look like?

Whilst cryptocurrency investment has plunged and then plateaued, what is certain is that it’s not going away. This moment now stands as an important and valuable time now whereby the major coin providers are taking stock of their methods, their research and capabilities to build up something even better.

According to a recent report by PayPal and auditing and consulting company Deloitte, “Merchants Getting Ready for Crypto”, they found that, “85 percent of merchants believe that in five years, crypto payments would be “ubiquitous” in their respective industries”. This clarifies that coin providers are bracing themselves for the next phase of cryptocurrency.

So, is now the time to buy?

Whilst we never know what will happen next in the world of cryptocurrency investment, because of its uncertain volatility. Yes, now is definitely a good time to buy and invest! If you missed the first round, then it’s worth considering whilst rates are low. Whilst plateau is set to stay for the rest of the year, setting up investments for going forward could provide positive benefits to new and existing investors.

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