Over recent years, the rise in cryptocurrency popularity has been steady. Investors have monitored their assets through financial investments and the trading of cryptocurrencies.

Through the Voyager Digital’s Q3 2021 Retail Investor Sentiment Survey, they found that:

  • “96% say that they are more confident in the future of cryptocurrency compared to 81% in the previous quarter”.
  • “89% of investors plan to increase their Bitcoin or crypto holdings over the next quarter, higher than in the previous survey (87%)”.
  • “8 out of 10 believe Bitcoin will be above $56,000 by the end of the year, with 4 out of 10 believing the price will be greater than $71,000”.
  • “Nearly half (48%) see Bitcoin as a better store of value compared to other assets such as real estate and equities”.

Cryptocurrency Popularity on Google

It comes at a time when recent research from Google highlights that Bitcoin continues to be the leading favourite as a searchable term, with a whopping 1.1mln queries per month, according to Google search data. Followed by Dodgecoin in second place with 596,000 searches average monthly searches. Dodgecoin which was set up as a joke, has significantly raised in popularity throughout 2021 with young investors. Finally, Ethereum takes third place in the top three with 378,000 searches.

With cryptocurrency popularity rising, more people are looking to get into the market and are using the Google search facility to research the trends and find the best methods in which to buy.

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