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This application form is for companies with revenue of less than £50m who are looking for cyber insurance limits of £5m or below. If you would like further information about the cover available or assistance with completing this form, then please contact us on 0121 4545100 or email us at

Signing or completing this proposal does not bind the Proposer, or any individual or entity he or she is representing to complete this insurance. Please provide by addendum on the Company headed paper of the Proposer any supplementary information which is material to the response of the questions herein, and/or complete answers to the listed questions if they do not fit in the space provided on the application. For the purposes of this proposal form, ‘Proposer’ means the entity stated below and all its subsidiaries to be covered. All answers should be given as a group response i.e. if any subsidiary company has different responses these should be provided separately on your headed paper.

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