October marks National Cyber Security Month which aims to raise cyber security awareness. Running since 2003, the October campaign provides the opportunity to bring cyber security to the forefront for individuals and their businesses and accordingly educate everyone on the impact of cyber threats as well as how to stay safe when using online resources.

The committee focuses on a specific area of cyber security awareness each week, to cover:

  1. Improve knowledge on online safety,
  2. Raise awareness within businesses with regards to their responsibility
  3. Combat against cyber crime
  4. Looking at the future of a connected world
  5. Keeping infrastructure secure

Improving cyber security awareness within the workplace

Through our own cyber security insurance policy for businesses, our cyber security team at Crendon Insurance recommend the following to improve cyber security systems within the workplace.

Review IT systems – Check that all devices are running up to date virus protection software and that firewalls are switched on. Where necessary, upgrade devices to rely on the latest operating system. Make sure that Windows updates turned on so that the device is continually protected.

Accessing through https – Educate employees to only access websites which begin with https rather than old familiar http. This means that the website has a secure certificate attached and is especially applicable for filling out details through online forms, signing into password protected areas and making online purchases.

Protecting email from spam – Some emails may look legitimate but unfortunately, it’s not always the case. Quick checks can be easily made to confirm that they are ok to access. These include rolling over links to see if they point to the correct website address, checking the ‘from’ address, confirming with another employee for a second opinion and accessing the website in a fresh browser window, rather than via the emailed link provided.

Sharing data – It is extremely important that data containing names and contact info isn’t sent via a normal email as they can be intercepted. Use password protected areas or zipped, password protected files to send information.

Cyber Security insurance – Protecting your business with cyber security insurance, safeguards your business from an unforeseen cyber attack. Crendon Insurance provides a cyber attack prevention policy which will review processes within the company and implement the correct measure. To find out more, please contact us or see our cyber attack website information for more details.

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