To combat against future cyber threats, the UK government has announced that it is to introduce a set of free online cyber fitness tools named ‘Exercise in a box’ so that businesses and organisations can implement them into their cyber security routine.  The resources will be made available to local authority organisations, emergency services and businesses throughout the UK in an effort to clean up their cyber security routine and to meet the government’s long-term plan in encouraging the UK to become the safest country in the world with regards to cyber security protection.

Designed by experts at the NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre), ‘Exercise in a box’ is designed so that companies and organisations can test their resilience against an attack whereby a range of real-life scenarios will be made available.

“The NCSC considers exercising to be one of the most cost-effective ways an organisation can test how it responds to cyber incidents,” said NCSC chief executive Ciaran Martin.

This comes at an important time when businesses can now be faced with hefty fines if they don’t adhere to a stricter cyber security routine by tackling their cyber security housekeeping and implementing a cyber security policy.

As cyber threats soar, businesses have a duty to clean up their cyber security routine

Malwarebytes recently announced that cyber threats to business has soared by 235% during the last year, with small businesses being the most vulnerable and ransomware attacks seeing the most growth. This is a phenomenal figure considering that general awareness around cyber security and data security does seem to be increasing.  The largest challenge for businesses is in their duty to respond quickly enough to their cyber and data breach plans.

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