We should all be weary of cyber threats no matter what our age or level of experience. As a company owner or director, utilising a multi-age range team brings many benefits to a commercial business, especially when older employees are recognised for their knowledge and expertise.  Younger team members also bring new and innovative ideas together with their ability to take on the tech and teach mature members of staff new ways of working.

Cyber Threats pose danger to people of all ages

Having grown up with technology all of their lives, you would be forgiven for thinking that your younger members of your staff would have a hold on cyber security and that they would know how to turn on their privacy settings, regularly run updates as well as change regularly change passwords.  According to a recent article by Azeem Aleem – Vice President of Cybersecurity Consulting, NTT Ltd. however, it is actually the 30 – 60 years old age group who operate most securely whilst at work, whilst some under 30’s are naïve to cyber security and the cyber threats posed.

The reason for this is that younger people have more urgency to get things up and running and so in some instances can hastily share information or not run through permissions correctly.  Older employees can be wearier of technology and so will therefore take the time to read things to ensure that they’ve got it right first time.

The conclusion is that there isn’t a cyber security solution which will fit all. All aspects involving cyber threats should recognised and relevant training should be applied to ensure that staff members of all ages and levels of experience are clear as to how they should operate at work to carry out their daily tasks safely. To find out more about combating against cyber threats and cyber crime in your business, please contact us at Crendon Insurance Ltd or see our cyber attack insurance website page for further information.

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