ISO: 27001 – Information security management, is a more recent UK Standard introduced only a couple of years ago. Whilst still in its infancy, the Information Commissioner’s Office hopes that as we move into 2015, larger companies and SME’s will look to take on this standard as part of their commitment to Data Protection & Cyber Security.

The ISO: 27001 standard aims to implement procedures and processes within businesses to raise awareness at employee level about cyber-attacks and put preventative measures in place to minimise risks.

The BSI survey of IT decision-makers reported that, “52% of organisations that had implemented ISO 27001 said they were extremely confident about their level of resilience against the latest methods of cyber hacking”.

If we are going to move forward against the threat of Cyber Security then we need to educate our staff about best practise to conceal client data and assess how we access and download information through the internet. Basic functionalities also need to be implemented such as virus protection, firewalls and knowledge of malware threats.

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