Following the recent Brexit decision to leave the EU, the UK’s Data Protection policy advisors have taken a new direction in analysing how our future could look once we devise our own data protection ruling which could be independent from the EU Data Directive.

Running up to the Brexit decision, we were destined to comply with the European GDPR ruling which is due to come into effect in May 2018. However, as a digitally aspiring country, the UK weren’t always in agreement with the European law which to seemed archaic at times. Our voice was often alone against the likes of France & Germany who wanted restrictive laws and who often overruled us and our innovative ideas, resulting in our obligation to obey their compliance rulings.

Data Protection Policy could have a positive outcome for the UK

As the UK’s digital economy continues to thrive with a technology-friendly environment which has raised more than $9.7bn since 2010 and an internet economy which is expected to reach 12 percent in the UK for 2016, it will leave behind the 3 – 4 % share currently held by the European Union.  The fact is, we are a forward thinking nation when it comes to IT which means that the UK is hot on digital technology and above France, Germany & other EU Countries. We are a nation that sees the advantage in trading through online opportunities and is keen to invest in digital innovation to improve lifestyle & protect our nation.

We are also respected globally for our thorough and pragmatic approach to cyber liability and our risk based point of view to protecting personal data. We don’t take compromise lightly but we would not want to isolate ourselves from future interests. By devising our own structure now and outlining how we will share data outside of the EU and globally, will allow us to create a basis for improved data protection enforcement for the future.

If you are a business or organisation who holds data for clients, then you are liable to assess your current data protection policy. For further details on data protection policy and to find out how it can keep your clients data safe, please contact Crendon Insurance Ltd.


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