Businesses are showing increasing concern over their intellectual property rights and how they could become vulnerable.  The enforcement of COVID19 has seen legal departments forced to alter their way of working as well as courts being forced to close their doors to the public due to the pandemic.

UK courts have put in several measures in place to continue their operations throughout the lockdown including telephone and video hearings and increasing the training of more staff. Urgent IP applications will be given priority in terms of interim injunctions, the IPO department has also committed to extending deadlines for those applying for intellectual property rights and is encouraging customers to communicate through telephone and Skype technology.

Interrupted Days for those applying for  intellectual property rights

Further to this, the IPO has declared that from 24th March onwards, the time frame will be classed as interrupted days until further notice. This means that all intellectual property rights applications will be extended following this date. The website explains further:

This power is set out in rule 110 of the Patents Rules 2007, rule 75 of the Trade Marks Rules 2008, and rule 40 of the Designs Rules 2006. The notice of interruption will be published in our Journals and displayed at our sites.

The declaration of interrupted days means that any deadlines for:

  • Patents
  • supplementary protection certificates
  • trade marks,
  • designs, and
  • applications for these rights 
  • which fall on an interrupted day will be extended to the next non-interrupted day.

This measure has been put in place following businesses inability to send and receive post within specific deadlines.  Businesses are still urged to liaise as much as they can with the IPO and not leave their applications until after the interrupted days’ time limit lifts so as to prevent a back log of applications.

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