The first patent for a 3D printed eye wash cup was filed by 3D printing innovation developer American Chuck Hull in 1983.  Subsequently it has been the last 10 years where 3D printing innovation has really begun to become recognisable throughout many industry sectors across the world. A mansion in China, a bridge in Amsterdam and NIKE shoe development in the USA are just some of the projects that have gained global recognition for their development in 3D printing innovation.

So, what are the predicted trends for 3D printing innovation during the next decade and how may it enhance product innovation further?

George Brasher, HP’s UK & Ireland Managing Director shares his ideas through

  1. Automation in Manufacturing – Automation is being developed on many levels to enhance manufacturing processes. Printing plastic parts which are wear resistant and could be combined with electrical elements, could be essential to the automotive industry
  2. Creating Sustainable Products – 3D printing innovation has the potential to drive down CO2 emissions, shorten supply chains and reduce the necessity to ship goods across the world. The pro-environmental potential of 3D Printing technology is huge!
  3. Data tracking and serial numbers – Using advanced 3D printing methods to uniquely print serial numbers into products would enable individual items to become trackable by manufacturers.
  4. Innovation throughout industry sectors – 3D printing innovation opens up a pool of advancing opportunities throughout many sectors from clothing to healthcare, automotive to white goods.
  5. Training & development – training students to think 3D printing will be crucial in how we advance as a technological country. The opportunities to export globally are exciting and could be extremely profitable for the UK.  The important aspect is that we start training students in courses such as product design to start printing now so that they can realise its potential for the future.

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