Over the last six weeks, how we shop and what we want to buy has changed immensely with different priorities in terms of changing online e-commerce trends that we want to buy to suit our existing lifestyles. New businesses are emerging, whilst other seek to diversify. Here are the new ecommerce trends for 2020.

Cleaning Products – March 2020 saw a huge rise in cleaning products as homeowners across the UK sought to turn their spare time to spring cleaning their homes and carrying out deep clean jobs throughout their properties.

DIY Products & gardening – These two categories, often see an increase in sales during the spring season and over the UK spring bank holidays, however with the current epidemic, UK residents are being forced to stay at home.  This time spent at home has encouraged property owners and renters to spruce up their properties by getting out the paintbrush to do some DIY and spending time on improving the look of their gardens by buying online or using click and collect services.

Activities for kids – As nurseries, schools and colleges across the country shut down, parents and carers sought the internet to find new activities and ways of means to keep younger ones entertained and educated. Early learning and youth organisations have found new methods to keep in touch with families and provide resources that they can download.

Cake Deliveries & High Tea – Over recent weeks, food industry business has had to diversify into new ecommerce trends to keep revenues flowing. Selling cakes online and producing High Tea sandwich / cake assortments for collection has allowed local businesses to offer food services to their customers whereby they can order, collect, enjoy and celebrate in the comfort and safety of their own homes and gardens.

Card deliveries – Offering just a 1p delivery or an alternative e-card, card delivery companies have diversified into new methods of selling which means that customers can order cards and send messages to friends and family, without having to go to the post box.

Supporting E-commerce Trends with Online Retail Insurance

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