Are you SMART averse or are you fully embracing SMART products? If you are concerned about rising fuel costs, then becoming less SMART averse may be in your favour.

Home and business owners are keen to save money where they can and turning everyday environments into a SMART area could help to reduce ongoing monthly bills, especially when prices seem to be constantly increasing.

SMART products offer a different kind of living and whilst may seem a little overwhelming to begin with, they are extremely easy to manage once they are setup. So how can SMART products help to save money?

Why install SMART products?

Install SMART bulbs – Internet-enabled LED light bulbs allow users to control lighting remotely. This means that if you forget to turn off the light as you leave the property, you can turn it off at anytime and from anywhere through using your smartphone. Alternatively, they also provide a good security method – by turning them on whilst you’re not at home, it will give the impression that someone is in the house. Furthermore, you can turn up and down the intensity of the light which will adapt your energy consumption.

Install a SMART Thermostat – SMART Thermostats control heating, water temperature and the boiler so that property owners can tweak when they want the heating on without having too actually be there. This means that if you’re away from the property, it is perfect for energy saving and equally you can turn the thermostat on before you get home to warm up for when you arrive.

Install SMART plugs – SMART plugs work as an adapter to your ordinary plugs and once connected through your Wi-Fi, can be turned on or off through your smartphone. No more draining of energy whilst you’re away from the property because you’ve left a light on or the TV on standby!

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