There is no doubt, that the pandemic has propelled start-up remote businesses into new ventures. Our use of IT facilities to assist with daily activities has advanced rapidly. With the likes of Teams being used for meetings, which was not well known before the pandemic and the thought of using Facetime or Zoom to contact friends would have felt very bizarre pre-pandemic times. Fast forward 17months and we are now comfortable with using video calling both in the workplace for face-to-face meetings and with family and friends at home.

Together with, home-schooling, filling out documents and completing other processes which were very much paper based before, there are new options available which are geared up towards communication. Subsequently, information, training and meetings can all easily be processed online, where data can be stored and recorded in one place and continual monitoring available.

As our need for further digital remote facilities grows, there is a great opportunity, for startup remote businesses and digital innovators to fill gaps within in the market.

Planning through new startup remote businesses

When thinking about your business idea, consider all device platforms and where the largest audience is placed. Are they smartphone / tablet based through using apps on Android or Apple devices, or are they internet based through a laptop or desktop? What are their ages and their demographics?

When thinking about viewer interaction, plan out the new digital facility through a series of screens. Think about where the programme is likely to take the viewer and what happens when a button is clicked.

Finally, what does the new startup remote business want to achieve? Look at the perspective for both the business and the user. It maybe a direct app purchase, or subscription or revenues could be raised by online advertising.

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