GDPR Data Breach news is now becoming daily news! Recent UK businesses who have fallen victim to the crime have included national brands such as Dixons, Superdrug & Butlins.  With this in mind, there is a certain urgency that more needs to be done to prevent and reduce data breaches within business organisations.

Many big-name brands operate online e-commerce or online booking facilities to capture personal data and banking information.  Out on the high street, in the bricks & mortar stores it has become more popular for the cashier to ask for an email address so that they can send a copy of a receipt.

As data breaches spread like wild fire it’s a matter of urgency that businesses stay ahead of the crime.

So how can companies and organisations become better equipped against a GDPR data breach?

Data Storage – In order to be more efficient, businesses and organisations have sought to centralise systems as they have evolved. Whilst putting all data into one area can create a slick system it can have a negative impact, in that it becomes an easier target for hackers to bring down a whole infrastructure in what hit. By compartmentalising information and system sections onto different servers and using individual password protection, the effects of this could be reduced.

Data Protection – Ensuring that the most up to date cyber security technology is in place is crucial in the protection of all IT systems. A multi-level approach to security and daily patches can reduce areas of vulnerability.

Staff Training – In a recent survey by Seagate Technology plc (NASDAQ: STX), a world leader in data storage solutions. The company revealed new research into the data habits of UK’s (SMBs) small and medium-sized businesses:

Four in ten (44%) of UK SMB workers either aren’t sure of their company’s GDPR policy, or say it doesn’t have one

Educating staff to fully understand the implications of a GDPR data breach and treat data respectfully will go a long way too ensuring that IT systems are protected at ‘front of house’.

If your business has been the victim of a GDPR data breach in recent months or if you are concerned about how well your business is currently protected against data crime, then please speak to our team here at Crendon Insurance Ltd. With several years of experience within the industry and extensive knowledge of this particular sector, we guide companies to make the right decisions and protect companies against a GDPR data breach.

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