Despite the promotion of good cyber security practice, a category 1 cyber attack on the UK is now imminent according to Ciaran Martin, head of the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) when he recently stated “It’s a matter of ‘when, not if’”.

Since the 2017 Wannacry cyber attack incident, which rapidly spread across the UK, disrupting NHS services and other government based services, the National Cyber Security Centre has sought to lead the UK in becoming a global representative for cyber security good practice.


Delivering good cyber security practice is a struggle for the UK government

The UK is currently investing £1.9billion to help people and organizations become more secure and the NSCS has recently launched a free online training programme as a resource to help employees learn the basics of cyber security.  However, despite implementing such steps to tighten up the data security infrastructure there is still an opinion that more needs to be done.  At the heart of the issue is a lack of leadership within government and the focus to drive change forward.  The pace in which technology is developing is running too fast – in contrast the government is struggling to keep up and taking too long to pass legislation.  A skills shortage also remains very much an issue and whilst the UK has indeed gone to greater lengths in offering training it is the deeper high-end skills and knowledge base where the general workforce continues to lag behind.

To see a greater improvement, the UK needs to ensure that our digital environment is more difficult to attack and that it is mandatory to deliver good cyber security practice by the market and across all industry sectors.

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