Is guarding IOT technology evolving for the better?  It was two years ago when the likes of IOT based Alexia and Google stormed to the top of UK Christmas. Allowing homeowners the resources to do things a little differently. Checking their home security and SMART doorbells, opening, and closing curtains, topping up and delivering shopping lists or switching on the TV and music systems were just some options open to users and commanded by the means of IOT audio devices.

Guarding IOT takes responsibility from both sides

Now into Christmas 2020 and many households across the UK host some type of audio IOT device to manage their gadgets. The question is that despite efforts to highlight security discrepancies, is guarding IOT with improved security really improved?

The answer is yes and no! Whilst awareness about IOT security has grown both with manufacturers and consumers, there is still some way to go. Generally, manufacturers now give more detail to consumers on how to manage their IOT gadgets safely and they are working towards meeting better standards, but it does depend on individual brands. The problem is that hackers can gain access to products by simply jumping through loopholes in vulnerable code from IOT gadget to another.  By using higher-spec chips and other encryption, components are now going much further to protect the security of products.

Consumers are becoming more knowledgeable on isolating gadgets to individually separate and password protected networks within their WIFI router. The other aspect to consider is that ‘you get what you pay for’ and that the more you pay, the securer the product will be. The advice is, do your research, read the customer reviews and do your research on how the secure the product is before you buy.

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