The wonderful aspect about Hi Tech AI (Artificial Intelligence) is that it enables IT companies to be pro-active rather than re-active!  Although still in its infancy, AI is beginning to change the way in which companies operate and especially those who manage web hosting and cloud servers, plus the innovative manufacturers of Internet of Things (IOT).

The threats of a Cyber Attack are often a great challenge for these companies. Finding vulnerabilities and carrying out patching methods on servers to prevent an attack is a daily duty that appointed employees are expected to carry out to protect systems from what seems to be inevitable.

So how is Hi Tech AI changing our fight against cybercrime?

Unlike current methods, Hi Tech AI works differently. It can detect encrypted patterns and identify threats as they develop and then notify staff members before it’s too late.  Within data environments, Hi Tech AI has the capability to assess patterns over and over again. Should a change happen in a sequence, this is identified immediately and if not fixed by its own technology, a human administrator is notified so that they can patch accordingly.

Providing this high level of ‘IT brainpower’ and prevention not only frees up human resources from basic tasks so that they can focus on more intricate duties, it also provides a proactive method to combat against cyber security before the situation gets out of hand.

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