Historically, the UK has established a reputation for high quality manufacturing on the global stage. Yet now the dynamics as to how products will be produced are beginning to change, as we embrace the next digital era. What is important for the future of manufacturing is that UK businesses don’t get left behind.

New machine learning is becoming more popular which is great for those companies who already have the investment and ambition to embrace this new type of manufacturing. For others there is also the opportunity, to tap into government grants which can benefit their future longevity.

With high tech automated machines becoming connected to one another and the increased use of internet of things (IOT) technology, it is predicted that there will be ‘profound’ changes within the manufacturing industry by 2030.

High quality manufacturing is going digital

Whilst humans won’t be completely eradicated from the daily running of a high quality manufacturing plant. Their job roles will change from operating on assembly lines to monitoring and manging the robotic equipment. Whilst the change in these job roles could seem a little overwhelming and intimidating at first, their primary focus should be to embrace the new technology through training and development if we are to keep up with our global counterparts.

As with many of these situations, pro-active rather than reactive will be a great benefit. The UK should see itself as a leading game player for high quality manufacturing processes which use digital technology, rather than being led by others. As a country we have a great deal of digital experience and with an investment rise of 50% since 2016, we are certainly ‘more attractive’ to international investors.  Positioned in third place and only behind the USA and China, this gives us a great lead, according to a recent report by technation.io.

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