The coronavirus pandemic has really highlighted the need for all types of business to operate in a cyber safe manner.  With more employees than ever before, now working remotely from home, the challenge for companies to stay cyber safe has never been greater. So, what can be done to encourage companies to create a cyber safe environment in which to work?

Assessing cyber safe working for employees

  1. Risk assess – Each individual employee’s equipment to understand:
    – Which network they use for their home WIFI?
    – What device they are using to access work documents?
    – Which operating system is running on their device?
    – Do they have a firewall and virus protection installed?
  1. Strengthen passwords – To access online systems, update passwords to ensure they include a mixture of capital and lowercase letters, plus a variety of numbers and symbols.
  2. Use the cloud - Arrange working documents through a password protected cloud-based system. This will secure documents in a central place for all members of staff to access and will also prevent files being stored locally and scattered across several devices.
  3. Use encryption – Encrypting files when emailing and storing on the cloud provides an extra level of security, especially if files contain passwords or private data. Find out how to encrypt Microsoft files at:
  4. Spring clean – Encourage employees to regularly ‘spring clean’ – Cleaning files regularly by putting documents in their correct folders and deleting old unused material is good practice. Not only does it reduce the duplication of files but also reduces vulnerable information being held on devices which could become compromised.

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