It is now likely that 42% of consumers will shop online following the COVID outbreak according to new research by ChannelAdvisor. This includes both the older generation and those in their mid-30’s to 40’s.

The new data affirms that there has been a cultural shift in consumerism whereby more people are now shopping online and one which is certain to stay despite high street stores attempting to re-open. Purchases in home and garden, beer, wines and spirits and electrical good have all risen since lockdown began in the UK.

The greatest challenge for retail now, is how they align their shop online and offline strategy by means of communication to promote products and services. The obvious option is to apply the omni-channel approach whereby the two methods work together to complement one another.  Never more than before, have the two strategies been so important in working hand in hand.

Shop online or shopping out on the high street

For customers who still wish to isolate, online retail is a blessing. Being able to order goods from the safety of their own home offers them the opportunity to still enjoy a retail experience.  Whilst for others who now wish to return to shopping outside in public and on the high street, having the freedom to look and buy whatever they wish whilst adhering to COVID rules is a great joy again.

For businesses the greatest challenge is to keep both sets of customers engaged in their products and their brand. By regularly updating social media and launching email campaigns which direct customers back to their website to shop online or to encourage them to visit their shop to buy will give a consistent message that they are open for business.

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