Our UK post Brexit online retail market has sustained well and there are new positive outcomes growing for British brand week by week.

No UK business knew how Brexit would affect their sales – whether they were for or against the separation from the EU, it was still a complete leap into the unknown.

Six months on and there is still some way to go with negotiations and developing new contracts for both working in and outside of the EU. What we do know is that UK produce is often regarded highly for its quality, how reach new markets is the next stage for a post Brexit online retail culture.

So what are some of the positive outcomes for post Brexit online retail?

The European online consumer market is rising – Historically our European counterparts were a little slower than the UK to embrace online retail until the pandemic hit. Since then, 74% of consumers across Europe plan to shop online according to a latest report by The New State of Retail.

New British selling platforms are emerging – During the last year, new British online selling platforms have begun to launch. Buy Britain “Supporting Local Makers, All Britania who is “On a mission to Back British Business” and eBUYGUMM who’s objective is “To become the best place to buy and sell in the UK” are just some new brands who are raising their profile as managed online retail platforms.

It’s time to embrace a rebrand – Research has proven that a positive brand leads to increased economic power, wealth, national confidence and success according to a recent article by https://theconversation.com/. It goes on to advise that the in a post Brexit era, the UK government should set up a brand task force who are dedicated to “Manage the UK brand permanently” with the arts and creative industries, science and technology, education, culture and financial services at the heart of its ethos.

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