For many years, the UK has been globally recognized for its leading role in technology and innovation.  With the application of IOT, AI and 3D printing in manufacturing and service, we are continuing to demonstrate our lead in cutting edge applications, yet with Brexit imminent, is it about time that we looked further into how we can make the most of our skills in terms of exporting technology and innovation through products and services.

Here in the UK one of the biggest challenges for entrepreneurs is not idea inspiration but how they execute them into prototypes, ready to take to market.  Whilst they may have the ideas and experience, it is the lack of funding and resources including access to technology and innovation equipment such as 3D printing / additive manufacturing printers which reduces their capability to take their ideas further.

In addition, technology and innovation is moving at such a rapid pace that often ‘out of date’ government legislation doesn’t support new products; this can be detriment to their development.

New technology and innovation hub centres

One idea put forward by Sensor City’s Dan Watson in his recent article ‘Risk, Creativity and 3D Printing’ is to provide 3D Print / Additive Manufacturing centres across the country.  Acting as central hub’s for technology and innovation, inventors and designers could book in time to develop their ideas to produce rapid prototyping forms.  By operating in this way, the hubs could offer areas of expertise in a controlled and safe environment which is managed and serviced by trained staff using high quality equipment.  Providing this type of facility could enable entrepreneurs to thrive with their ideas and bring more inventions to market.

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