Importing goods into the UK, doesn’t have to be difficult! If you are using a manufacturer abroad and selling to the UK then your goods will need to have some legalities implemented prior to shipping in order to carry out the process because you are bringing goods in from an external source and over our national border.

Primarily you will need to apply the correct commodity code which can be found through the governments trade tariff tool. In some cases, you may also need to pay VAT and fill out a VAT form if you are VAT registered. Outside of the EU, you’ll need to register on the Chief System (Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight) – this declares goods entering and leaving the UK through ports & airports.

There are other stipulations for importing goods into the UK and these will apply individually depending on the type of goods you are importing. In some circumstances, duty will need to be paid, whilst other products such as firearms will need a license by law. Business owners will also need to check if any goods have been banned from importing into the UK.

 What insurance cover do I need when importing goods into the UK?

If you are considering importing goods into the UK and would like more information on Import Insurance, then please contact our online retail insurance team at Crendon Insurance. We cover many areas of online retail including import export insurance, product insurance, fulfilment centre insurance and drop shipping. We are thorough in the process of transporting goods and will ascertain the right questions in order to ensure that your business is protected in terms of import liability cover for the process of importing & exporting goods.


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