Global corporation Toshiba has been the first company to reveal its Multimedia Motion Mark registered under the new UK trade mark law as of January 2019.

Previously, it was possible to register animated trademarks; however, it has always been a requirement that they are submitted as a graphical illustration. This has now changed under the new legislation and applicants can now submit their Multimedia Motion Mark in the form of a moving, hologram or sound trade mark using a digital file.

Matt McDowell, Head of Communications, Toshiba Europe, said: “We are thrilled and honoured to be the first brand to legally protect our motion mark in the UK using a multimedia graphic representation. The Toshiba brand is synonymous with innovation and reliability and this initiative further demonstrates that our brand identity guides the business in both our communications and our behaviours in delivering our brand promise”.

On the UK Government website, Tim Moss, Chief Executive of the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) explained how securing brands in terms of digital IP representation is crucial in the future sustainability of Intellectual Property and especially as more businesses become digitalised.  The registration of the Multimedia Motion Mark is a realistic sign of Intellectual Property evolving with the digital age.

Since Toshiba’s significant moment, the UK’s first hologram mark has now been submitted by Google, however the first sound mark is still yet to be registered under the new Intellectual Property law.

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