Over recent years, the Smart Meter has become more popular in homes across the UK. Used to provide up-to-date data on gas and electric usage, a Smart Meter allows homeowners to monitor how much they consume and eliminate the need for fuel companies to take manual meter readings. Hooked up through the home wireless network, information can effortlessly be relayed direct from a home to their appointed fuel supplier.

Under the UK Government’s, ‘Smart Meter System based Internet of Things Applications Programme’, they are now investigating the possibilities for linking a home Smart Meter up to individual internet of things home products , with an aim to provide a further data breakdown on usage.

The Smart Meter programme aims to cover 2 phases:

“Phase 1: feasibility, identifying applications and establishing the feasibility of solutions comprising IoT sensors and supporting data management tools suitable for operation within the Smart Meter System and DCC network.”

“Phase 2: develop and trial, further develop the proposed technical solutions and build and deploy demonstration system and devices.”

The aim of the programme is to research and trial data usage, which for a minimal extra cost, could provide significant benefits to the monitoring and management of IOT. Subsequent results could be rolled out to SMART building projects and support further infrastructure in the near the future.

This project is part of the UK Government’s wider £65million ‘Flexibility Innovation Programme’, which aims to, “enable large-scale widespread electricity system flexibility through smart, flexible, secure, and accessible technologies and markets”.

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