Many businesses are all familiar with the likes of the google search tool and how it processes data to return a set of search results through its main google listing page.  However, some technology users are left wondering if it is now becoming a bit of a dinosaur and are instead looking towards new AI search tools which use NLP (natural language processing).

Traditionally, the likes of google have used the process of tracking keywords via rule-based systems to return matching search results. However, this does not always return the best match as it depends which keywords have been added in the first instance throughout the website or online retail shop. This can be really frustrating for visitors and potential customers who are looking for a specific product or service via the search. Google’s results aren’t always the most accurate because it is more limited and so therefore could be filtering out better products or services, just because they don’t quickly match the keywords exactly.


The new AI search tool works differently

By using a process called ‘text mining’ it can, “extract actionable insights from large, unmanageable amounts of data”, according to technology news portal – This means that data can be searched far more quickly and in larger masses. NLP reads data more like a human, in that it can almost read between the lines and extract further information based on the narrative.

The benefit of the search tool is that it can be used across many industry sectors and can be tailored specifically to include their terminology. From science, technology and healthcare to education and retail this could be used as a great asset in the future. Wherever large amounts of information are used and gathered, the search tool technology can draw out insights which may have been overlooked in the past.

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