With the UK’s tech industry booming, a tech startup job appeals to many applicants who are considering roles within these innovative companies.

The next generation of school, college and university leavers are ready to take on employment within tech. Coupled with this, they’re tech savvy, and are used to communicating through screens and remote working following studying at home through the COVID pandemic.

All these requirements are financially lucrative for tech startup businesses as rental costs can be kept to a minimum. They can also source employee experience from all over the country rather than just within the local area of the business. Finally, the setup appeals to respective employees who like the idea of more freedom and less travel expenses and relocation / setup costs by working from home.

So, what is the best experience you can gain to land a tech startup job?

  • Become business savvy – Learn about how companies operate, what departments they rely on and the nature of work within each area. Network with colleagues to find out what they do and how you can find tech-based roles within the company to learn the ropes and gain experience.
  • Get qualified – Think about the type of job you would like to apply for and research the qualifications required to support your application. Apply for online courses or at your local college to build up your qualifications.
  • Consider freelance – Freelancing builds examples of work which can be used to illustrate your skills at interviews and provide real-life experiences to discuss. Freelancing also provides other valuable skills such as time management and working to budgets.
  • Revamp your CV – The tech world is notoriously competitive and with the CV being the first point of communication, its important to get it right. Make sure that you list all your Digi skills as well as other important information. Furthermore, create an online portfolio to showcase your work.
  • Know your industry – The tech industry is extremely fast paced and there are many elements within it. Know what’s happening within the environment by brushing up on latest news and developments which could empower you with lots of extra useful information.

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