Are environmental 3D printing projects the answer to the overwhelming concerns about protecting our planet and reducing our carbon footprint? As the environmental 3D printing market grows globally, we look at the latest exciting 3D printed projects which are pushing the boundaries in innovation and intellectual property to help to clean up our planet.

Innovative environmental 3D printing projects

The first 3D printed biodegradable battery – Using environmental 3D printing, researchers at the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology, have developed the first of its kind – an eco-friendly battery. In with an ambition to cut waste, the battery is compostable. Made with, “A flexible cellulose and glycerol substrate, patterned with a conductive carbon and graphite-laden ink, the battery is able to withstand thousands of charging cycles while maintaining its capacity,” according to a recent article by

Low carbon housing 3D printed using clay – Created by 3D printing processes using clay, Mario Cucinella Architects, based in Bologna and 3D printing specialists WASP, have come with an indigenous home invention by building clay housing modules within 200 hours. Combining modern day environmental 3D printing technology with ancient building techniques, climate adaptable housing is built which is low carbon and recyclable. The 3D printed clay homes will be show cased at COP26 in Glasgow, UK, early November 2021.

3D printed products are reducing landfill waste – The wonderful aspect about environmental 3D printing is that businesses only need to print the exact number of products required at any given time. This means that they are not over ordering, which reduces the possibility of surplus product going to landfill. It also cuts down the supply chain and the need for logistical carriers to transport goods as product is printed directly on-site, only as and when required.

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