Microsoft has recently announced its acquisition of CyberX, a cyber security platform which is designed to respond to IOT devices by connecting much quicker whilst offering improved security. Their goal is to roll out the service to areas of industrial IoT, operational technology, and infrastructure, with a primary aim is to make the connection of IOT products much simpler and safer.

CyberX has the capability to provide digital maps of IOT devices, for instance across a factory floor. A cyber security platform which is paramount to managing digital devices and risk assessing where vulnerabilities could lie in terms of cyber security.

This comes at a time when businesses are becoming far more reliant on IOT as part of their production infrastructure and supply chain. Whilst other cyber security platforms seem to be lagging behind in terms of digital innovation. leaving cyber criminals, the opportunity to take advantage of vulnerable systems in many ways.

Improving cyber security platforms with IOT central to its development

A cyber security platform needs to map devices within a network from both a human and digital perspective.

“Mapping relationships between technical and human systems is a fundamental challenge” says a recent report from global safety charity Lloyd’s Register Foundation.

Cyber security platforms need to keep up with this ever, emerging market and need to be in a position where they are ready to protect new innovation.

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