During the last 12 months, explorations within the global 3D printing industry has evolved profusely and with infinitive limitations which are breaking new boundaries within research and development.

What we are learning within the global 3D printing industry, is that object forms can be made from all sorts of raw materials, including waste material. These inventions are creating really exciting advancements for the global 3D printing industry whereby UK innovators and patent applicants are exploring new creations.

Recent ground-breaking experiments within the industry, have included a lamp created from Sicilian orange peels in Milan, a human ear made from human cells and plant-based materials at Swansea University, Wales and a surfboard made from algae by a young man named Jérémy Lucas in France.

A new UK Digital Manufacturing Centre could be pivotal for Global 3D printing

These projects are under development at a unique point in time, when the first Digital Manufacturing Centre of its kind has just opened here in the UK.  As part of the Silverstone Technology Cluster at Silverstone Park, Towcester, the aim of the centre is to create a hub with new technology and innovation for the 3D printing / Additive Manufacturing sector with “space, aerospace, defence, motorsport, automotive, defence, industrial, marine and medical sectors” at the very heart of their research and development. From this centre it is hoped that the UK will be able to undertake research and develop new products which can be utilised across a variety of sectors in the future.

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