The UK has recently produced a voluntary code of practice to encourage manufacturers to adhere to safer methods of producing IOT (Internet of Things) connected goods in terms of cyber security.

For some years now, these gadgets have had very little IT security and have raised concern over their safety – this is especially so when hackers have been presented with open opportunities to infiltrate homes and hijack gadgets through poorly coded safety settings.

Producing all types of internet connected goods from toys to home entertainment and white goods to home protection equipment such as doorbells and alarms, IOT technology has reformed the way we use products, allowing users to connect to items whilst away from the premises, but also giving them the ability to personalise objects to their own preferences.

The UK continues to become a global leader in IT security

Going forward this is a great step for manufacturers and the UK as we acknowledge our responsibility to cyber security.  HP Inc. and Centrica Hive Ltd technology companies are the first to sign their commitment to the code of practice.

This also pitches the UK as a leading country in combatting against cyber crime as we endeavour to improve cyber security throughout our industries by encouraging businesses to strengthen their Information Technology security and coding techniques at the design stage.

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