Within the requirements of construction insurance policy, the UK government HSE department has recently revised and issued a new version of their HSE booklet titled, “A brief guide to controlling risks in the workplace”, which is in replacement of the previous “Five steps to risk assessment”. The booklet is aimed to offer an informative guide to employers, managers and others who are responsible for Health & Safety within businesses and organisations, whilst also acting as a guide to employees and safety representatives who need to be aware of the latest HSE legislation as well as how best to comply when operating within a working environment.

The new booklet endeavours to be ‘simple’ and ‘straightforward’ and begins by outlining the legal requirement for which employers must adhere to in order to successfully carry out Risk Assessments and assess Health & Safety risks to employees, sub-contractors, the public and any others who could be affected. As part of a business’ risk assessment for any construction insurance policy, safety hazards should be identified from the outset prior to works commencing and assessed appropriately in order to comply with UK Health & Safety law.

Despite several online forms, guidance packs and risk assessment materials which are already available to assist employers, the HSE has tried to encourage the assessment to be simple as possible by allowing employers to actually carry out their own risk assessments in any way in which they wish as long as each assessment is well documented, archived and easily retrievable.

The advice when carrying out a risk assessment is to use bullet points and keep explanations simple. A method statement is also beneficial but not mandatory. Only significant findings need to be recorded – identifying the risk and its importance should be outlined. When identifying hazards, think about who might be harmed, evaluate the associated risks, record your findings and then review your full and entire assessment over. Please note, that risk assessment evidence may also be required by Insurers when reviewing your construction insurance policy.

HSE advice says:

  • identify sensible measures to control the risks within your workplace
  • think about accidents and ill health and those risks which are most likely to cause harm
  • some risks may impose control measures, consider as part of an extension to overall risk assessment

The HSE also adds, “If you have previously used ‘Five steps’ to carry out your own risk assessment there is no need to repeat it. You should review your risk assessment if you think it is no longer valid or if there are any significant changes.”

How Crendon Insurance can help with a Construction Insurance Policy

If you run a construction business and are employing staff directly within the company or hire sub-contractors, then it may be worth reviewing your construction insurance policy. Here at Crendon Insurance we work closely with construction teams across the UK to evaluate all methods of risk assessment within the Construction Trade to ensure that the correct construction insurance policy is in place to cover against liability exposures within the workplace and out on site. For further information with regards to renewals or starting a policy for the first time, please contact our construction insurance policy team today.

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