Are you thinking of becoming an amazon retailer and selling via amazon seller central?  Amazon is an expansive online retail platform with a global reach to millions of customers across the globe. If you are an entrepreneur who has something to sell, then Amazon seller central offers a great starting point begin your startup business and to test the market, whilst accessing plenty of resources to promote your products.

Top tips for starting out as an Amazon Seller

Building a product range as an Amazon Seller – Do your research to see what sells or find out where there is a gap in the market for which your business idea could fill. Research products to see what is available, the variety of choice and how much do the items cost.

Setting up an account with Amazon – There are two types of selling accounts provided by Amazon. An individual selling account which is free to set up or an Amazon Pro merchant seller account which requires a subscription fee and is intended for amazon pro sellers who wish to sell more than 40 units per month. Choosing the correct account will depend on how much and how quickly you intend to start selling.

Obtaining the right Amazon FBA Insurance – Amazon now request that sellers have proof of insurance in place in respect of sellers who are exporting goods through the USA platform of  If you plan to sell to the USA, please contact Crendon Insurance. Our team specialises in online retail and Amazon FBA insurance to amazon pro sellers and provide liability cover to protect goods.  Our online retail protection covers a broad range of industry specified products from clothing, home and lifestyle to health and beauty, electronics, and gadgets. To find out more, please contact our Amazon Seller insurance team or see our amazon insurance information website pages for more details.

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