Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, companies have sought to become more intuitive when communicating their commercial SME business online.  Internet activity has offered a clear solution to keep everyone connected. From family chats and photo / video sharing to working, shopping and browsing, exercising and learning, the internet has kept us in touch and offered the ability to still enable us to be as productive as we possibly can under the given circumstances.

The great thing about the UK, is that we are good at technology and we are a nation of innovators! With this in mind, operating a SME business online offers many opportunities for companies to work differently to how they would have previously communicated with customers and it doesn’t have to stop at just a website, building your social profile and connecting further afield to customers outside your regular region / client base allows business owners the opportunity to expand their company further afield.

Diversifying your SME business online

The other aspect to building a successful commercial SME business online is diversification.  If you operate within the service industry but can up-sell industry related products, then maybe now is your time to look at your company a little differently.

If you have always ran a bricks and mortar store and have only ever relied on passing trade, then looking at selling your products online can create a wider revenue source.  Using choices on click and collect or delivery allows your business to still operate without anyone having to visit your premises.  If you are a pub or café then starting a takeaway / delivery service whereby customers can order online, could provide a means of continuing to operate your business.

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