Online promotion for retail business throws out a plethora of engagement and marketing ideas to keep customers coming back for more.  This month, we would like to share some ideas on new ways to engage and communicate with new and existing customers.

  1. Have a good social media strategy – Continual engagement through social media is key to the longevity of a retail business. Finding relevant content can sometimes be tough for companies to source.  Using techniques from the following list could help to improve how you communicate with your audience:
    – Photos of new products
    –  Demo videos for how products work
    –  Image of a customer using / wearing your product
    – Offer a competition for like & share
    – Industry news
    – Share industry related quotes
    – Ask a question or run a poll to find out what your audience thinks
    – Get feedback on test pieces
    – Regularly share posts to keep engagement consistent and use software to help schedule posts
  1. Update your blog regularly – Sharing latest business news and information on products is a wonderful method in telling your story and will keep your website viewers coming back to your site. A website blog is also a great advocate for new business as new customers can read up on the company before placing an order.
  2. Send reminders – If potential customers have browsed your product but not placed an order, then it may be worth sending a reminder. There can be a number of reasons why they haven’t placed the order, so sending a reminder could prompt them into finalising their decision.
  3. Offer limited time coupons – Limited time coupons are great method in creating urgency to buy. All customers like a coupon, especially if it means that they can reduce the final price by a few pounds or take advantage of free delivery, etc.  Sharing coupons is not only a great way to put your brand in front of customers but also drives them back to your e-commerce shop to make a purchase.
  4. Because you bought! / You might also like ….. – These marvelous ‘up-sell’ techniques can engage customers to buy other related products. It may be that an item matches or compliments the product they have bought or it may be something that doesn’t cost quite so much but just squeezes their budget that little bit further.
  5. Save a product or long term / open basket option – Online customers will make a purchase based on several fundamentals. They could be looking for a product within a certain price bracket, for a present, something of a particular colour or quality, or to be delivered by a specific date.  Depending on their reason they may not order straight away but will want to store potential purchase on their smartphone or tablet for when they are ready.  Offering a basket that stores or saves products until the customer is ready to buy, will save them time in searching again, seal the deal for your business and prevent them from looking elsewhere.

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