Here are some ideas for how Online Retailers could improve online retail export growth.

Get a good digital presence

Designing an online retail export website that is responsive for smartphone use or by implementing a smartphone apps, is the first stage to gaining a solid access into the market. Secondly, offering a seamless system and easy to use cart with payment technology is key to creating great customer experience.

Where to target?

British products are loved and respected all over the world for their quality, attention to detail, latest trends, quality and excellent level of customer service.

When it comes to online retail exports, certain products will do better in some countries than others. The advice is, do your homework and don’t stop just within the UK – try to build export routes into other counties where demand for your products could be much larger. Think about using existing online promotional channels such as becoming an Amazon Merchant FBA retailer / or using eBay. Both of these online retailers can ensure you reach out further and to wider markets more successfully. Make sure contracts and online retail insurance is in place and that you understand the legalities of trading overseas – it is very important to note that each country will have their own individual rules and regulations. Getting a lawyer in place will help to alleviate any stresses and unknown legislation within the online retail export area.

Give customers what they want

Going up against the big retailers isn’t easy but by offering excellent customer service and utilising social media to promote your brand, you can raise awareness rapidly and put your business in front of potential customers far more effectively.

Finding Finance for online retail exports

As with most new businesses, getting it off the ground to begin with often takes hefty financial input in order for you to launch successfully. But don’t be deterred, it doesn’t just stop with Mr Bank Manager! These days there are several avenues in which you can raise capital, including crowdfunding platforms, peer-to-peer loans, short term, unsecured lenders, support from family and friends.

There are also several local government schemes which offer assistance to SME’s in terms of grants and loans, to get you started. All you need is a good business plan so do your research and find what could be available to you in terms of finance but at a fraction of the cost.

Setting up in online retail export shouldn’t be a daunting task, it’s actually an exciting opportunity! Here at Crendon Insurance we understand the process of launching online, through our valued experience and knowledge within the legal aspect of online retail export. To find out more on online retail export or if you would like further information on online retail insurance, then contact our qualified team today.

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