Online shopping is all about customer user experience. As technologies advance, it seems that so effortlessly their individual qualities are merging to bring us the very best in online shopping.  Streamlined for a seamless experience where ‘just browsing’ becomes a purchase.

2018 sets the path for an interesting year ahead for retail in terms of online shopping and here are just some of the ideas listed in a recent article by Forbes magazine, 7 E-Commerce Trends To Pay Attention To In 2018 that we could be seeing in the future.

Commerce through email
As social media has grown considerably, some businesses may have favoured this method of communication over email marketing. However, it is evident that email marketing is still more powerful than all social networks put together and now it seems that email marketing could see growth again. New technologies are emerging which can allow consumers to make online shopping purchases directly through their inbox and this is predicted to become a common purchase strategy for the future.

Aligning departments
Communication is the responsibility of everyone within the business team from Director to Manager and then Manager to Staff. Creating a seamless and positive experience for customers is crucial in building a Brand. From promotion to sale and dispatch through to receiving good quality items which offer value for money, communication is key to a successful online shopping business.

Engaging with consumers
Those businesses who seek to engage with customers through sources of information and offer more than just a sales pitch by becoming hubs of information which represents their industry will build a greater audience and establish a successful brand in comparison to those competitors who don’t. Solely being a pushy sales person through social media, just isn’t enough!

Voice Activation
Google Alexa, Apple’s Siri and the Amazon Echo have seen a soar in sales over the last 12 months with voice activation technology advancing. This is anticipated to grow further in 2018 as more of us ask Siri to fulfil our daily tasks such as ordering our weekly shopping.

How can we help you online shopping business?

If you are just starting out or running an established online shopping business then your priority must be to seek online retail insurance. Moving stock to and from the UK requires insurance cover encase of unforeseen eventualities. To find out how we can help to support your online retail business, please contact one of our team.

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