Peekaboo is the new technology being used to improve privacy amongst internet of things smart home devices.

Historically internet of things hasn’t always had a great reputation when considering security. Whilst IOT is great at augmentation by providing timesaving options and improved monitorisation within our homes, security from the threat of hackers has often been the side effect.

If we consider the Amazon Echo or the Google Dot, we don’t actually know if we’re being monitored or listened too through them and therefore what type of information is being shared thereafter. Now Peekaboo is set to change that!

Peekaboo and privacy

Devised as a software framework for developers who design apps for appliances, it puts privacy at the forefront of its agenda and only shares essential pieces of data.

“In the privacy world, we have a principle called ‘data minimization,'” says Jin. “The companies that collect the data should only be collecting the minimum amount of data to fulfill their objectives”, confirms CyLab’s Haojian Jin, a Ph.D. student in the Human-Computer Interaction Institute.

This comes at an important time when data privacy through UK GDPR is being re-evaluated by the ICO, whereby measures to understand how much data and what type of data should be accessed is being assesses. What is certain is that software like Peekaboo will be able to tighten the security on IOT devices in going forward so that homeowners can operate their favourite gadgets within a secure environment.

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